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Chemically Bonded Ceramic Lined Products

CBC Lined Scraper Conveyor

CBC Lined Scraper Conveyor
BMW has set new standards in the field of wear protection and management. CBC stands out due to its highest value of hardness and low grade wear. It keeps high wear resistance even in high temperatures. CBC provides sufficient toughness to scraper conveyor and increase their performance and operating life

* Better mechanical properties including both compressive as well as flexural strength
* Lower density
* Ultra fast (controllable) setting time
* Environmentally benign process

Chemically Bonded Ceramic Lined Products

Chemically Bonded Ceramic Lined Products
BMW Steels delivers Chemically Bonded Ceramic Lined Products that are reckoned for their performance and quality. Corrosion of steel, aluminum and other structural metals erodes the safety of the products and decrease their working life. To improve their quality and to enhance the serve life CBC linings are done. The atoms in ceramic materials are held together by a chemical bond which further create a long-lived passivation layer on the products and provide them long-term corrosion protection.

Alumina Ceramic Lined Bends and Y-Pieces

Alumina Ceramic Lined Bends and Y-Pieces
It is well understood that conveying velocity of ash, its density as well as size of ash particles are major factors that determine wear rate of Bends and Y-Pieces. Here, the use of Alumina Ceramic in Ash Handling systems help in lowering the possibility of wear and damages caused to the internals. Further, other than this, we also offer wear resistant Ni-Hard castings that are used for checking the wear possibility. Here, our expertise lies in filling the linings in casings manufactured at our works or can also be fitted directly in worn out volute casing at plant site.

Some of the industry areas where these are used include:
* Coal Fired Thermal Power Projects
* Mineral processing units
* Steel Plants
* Cement Plants
* Coal and Mineral washeries
* Aluminium plants
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